Trainings for Germany-Impatriates

International operierende Unternehmen aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum bereiten Ihre Fach- und Führungskräfte heutzutage mit interkulturellen Trainings systematisch auf die Kooperation mit ausländischen Kollegen und auf Auslandseinsätze vor. Im Zuge dieser Internationalisierung kommen seit Jahren auch immer mehr ausländische Mitarbeiter dieser Unternehmen nach Deutschland.


Hier angekommen, sehen sie sich mit unserer fremdartigen deutschen Businesskultur konfrontiert. Unvorbereitet stehen sie zuweilen vor erheblichen Problemen im Geschäftsalltag. Fehldeutungen, Missverständnisse und Frustrationen sind weit verbreitet. Um das Einleben und die Kooperation zu verbessern bieten wir ein praxisnahes und wirkungsvolles Training in englischer Sprache.



Intercultural Training Germany (Program)

Newcomers from foreign countries often experience that it is difficult to make contact with Germans: people seem uncommunicative, unfriendly, heavily opinionated and even rude. At work it sometimes gets worse: German colleagues appear critical and negative, inflexible, overly analytical, more interested in problems than solutions, slow to take decisions and lacking in enthusiasm. And, when you really need them, they might be on vacation.


Of course, most Germans perceive themselves quite differently. They grew-up with different patterns of relationship-making, communication, different ideas of cooperation, concepts of work, motivation and leadership. And, they do it their way!


You strive for a personally satisfying time in Germany. You would like to continue your professional success in business, so it’s useful to get a deeper insight into the German mind!


Here are some typical topics :


  • The challenge of living in a foreign culture
  • Recognizing and accepting cultural differences
  • Establishing personal relationships in a social setting
  • Small-talk or lively debates?
  • Getting to know the Germans  
  • Establishing personal relationships in a business context             
  • Getting to know your colleagues             
  • Communicating with Germans
  • How Germans express appreciation
  • Challenges for the accompanying spouses          
  • Leadership and authority in Germany   
  • Teamwork, Cooperation and competition     
  • Motivation and feedback
  • Exercising constructive criticism               
  • How to get support from German colleagues
  • Everyday life in Germany
  • Getting a message across
  • Culture-Shock Germany - and how to deal with it!
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