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How Holocaust perpetrators are prosecuted in Germany
German prosecutors are working to bring the last surviving Holocaust perpetrators to court. But what are the legal hurdles they need to clear? And why have they waited so long?
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What's behind the uproar over alleged antisemitic event in Leipzig?
Police are investigating German musician Gil Ofarim's accusation of antisemitism at a Leipzig hotel. Activists are outraged, and the hotel in question is on the defensive.
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Aviation: Germany opens world's first plant for clean jet fuel
Sustainable fuels are seen as key to making carbon-neutral flying possible. But there are some major hurdles preventing these cleaner alternatives from getting off the ground.
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Germany: More wolves being illegally killed, say conservationists
A leading German environment group has called for action, with the number of wolves killed without legal permission on the rise. Anyone caught illegally killing a wolf could face jail or a fine, but prosecution is rare.
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Most Germans find religion unimportant, survey shows
A significant majority of Germans say religion plays no role in their life, a poll has shown. Fewer than one in eight adults believe that faith makes the world a fairer place, although younger people were more positive.
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German reunification: What happened to East Germany's top football clubs?
After German reunification, East Germany's top football clubs were integrated into the Bundesliga pyramid. But they struggled to compete and some huge names have slipped down the leagues.
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Mafia Colony East Germany - German Unity’s Blind Spot
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the former East opened up - and the Italian Mafia moved in. In the decades since, they have built up a criminal network in the former East Germany.
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Cricket in Germany: A history beyond bat and ball
The sport of cricket is developing faster than most in Germany realize. But what does cricket culture look like in a country more famous for football rather than fast balls?
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