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Several injured as Storm Dennis rips through Germany
Dubbed Storm Victoria in Germany, multiple accidents occurred across the country after reported winds of 172 kilometers per hour. Meanwhile, the UK's weather service warned of heavy rain in the wake of Storm Dennis.
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German far-right group planned mosque attacks: government
Twelve men arrested in police raids last week are believed to have had concrete plans for attacking Muslims during prayers, a government spokesman says. Prosecutors say they wanted to create a civil-warlike situation.
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German minister calls for female quota in boardrooms, end to 'boys' club'
Germany's family minister has called for women to be better represented on the directory boards of large companies. Franziska Giffey says most enterprises have no ambitions to put women in executive positions.
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German public health insurance cheaper without private option, study says
Germany is the only country in the EU that allows for completely separate public and private health insurance. But a new study suggests that insurance would benefit everyone if Germany abolished private health insurance.
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Saudi Arabia urges Germany to lift arms export ban
The Saudi foreign minister has told a German news agency that the current export ban went against "the good relations" between the countries. Yet he also warned that Saudi Arabia is far from dependent on German arms.
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Krefeld Zoo fire: Animal death toll rises
As demolition of the devastated monkey house begins, the city in Germany's North Rhine-Westphalia has said that many more animals died in the tragic fire than originally reported.
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Bayer to appeal US farmer's $265 million damages award
Bayer has been ordered to pay millions in damages to an American peach farmer who lost his crops to weedkiller. The German firm said it was "disappointed" with the verdict, insisting its products "were not responsible."
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German bakery selling blackface pastries stirs racism debate
The controversial pastries feature thick lips, fez hats, and even a bone weaved into the hair. The bakery in Cologne has caused nationwide anger, but the owner insists there were "no racist thoughts" behind them.
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