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Coronavirus: German military training sniffer dogs
Sniffer dogs can detect explosives and drugs, but can they also detect COVID-19? The German military and a veterinary university foundation are working with various breeds of sniffer dogs to find out.
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Should Germany bring back compulsory military service?
The parliament's new military commissioner flummoxed her colleagues by suggesting reintroducing conscription to combat far-right extremism in the Bundeswehr. But how feasible is that option, and what would it achieve?
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Coronavirus — when a trip to the store is not fun anymore
Everybody in Germany has to wear a nose and mouth mask when they enter a store. The question is: how much longer? Shopkeepers say we cannot go on like this. Germany is a divided country and feelings are running high.
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Coronavirus: Half of Germany scared of second wave
About half of the people in Germany are fearful of a second wave of the coronavirus, a survey has found. But more people think climate change is a bigger issue for Germany's EU presidency run than the coronavirus.
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How Germany is helping international students in times of coronavirus
Foreign students are now eligible for help as part of Germany's emergency coronavirus spending. They have a long lean run behind them, relying either on their own initiative or public solidarity.
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Germany: 1980 Oktoberfest bombing a 'far-right attack'
Investigators had initially thought the attacker's personal stress led to one of the deadliest attacks in Germany's post-war history. But authorities now officially say he was deeply involved with far-right extremism.
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Berlin tennis event will ban players who party, organizer says
If tennis players flout rules on going out in the German capital to enjoy its nightlife, they will be excluded from competing. The stern warning from organizers comes in the wake of the coronavirus-hit Adria tour.
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Ex-Nazi death camp guard faces German court reckoning
The 93-year-old defendant has rejected any guilt throughout the trial, but admitted knowing about the gas chambers in the Stutthof death camp. Prosecutors said that he choose to "look away" instead of leaving his post.
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