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German Chancellery: 'Very, very good sign' that Biden will rejoin WHO
Helge Braun, head of the Angela Merkel's Chancellery, has celebrated US plans to stay in the WHO. In the same interview, he left the door open to EU border restrictions in tackling COVID-19, but said this was not ideal.
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Germany to ban 'chick shredding' from 2022 in global first
Germany will prohibit the mass slaughter of day-old male chicks, according to a draft bill signed by the Cabinet. Critics say, however, that the new measure isn't far-reaching enough to protect animal welfare.
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Hyped audio-networking app Clubhouse thrives in Germany
As COVID restrictions prompt people to embrace new digital communication tools, an exclusive audio-only discussion app is taking off in Germany. But Clubhouse has also been called elitist.
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Germany hopes Joe Biden will reset trans-Atlantic relations
Germans are pinning high hopes on the Joe Biden presidency. But how realistic is all the talk of a new beginning for the trans-Atlantic partnership?
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COVID: Schools are in lockdown and e-learning is a struggle
Germany is notorious for lagging behind in digitalization. Now, students have technical troubles as schools remain closed. But even countries with a better track record are having problems with remote learning.
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Big brother: Germany's foreign intelligence service under pressure
Germany's foreign intelligence agency (BND) screens hundreds of millions of emails annually. The European Court of Human Rights is now looking into this practice.
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As Donald Trump exits, QAnon takes hold in Germany
The storming of the US Capitol illustrated just how dangerous a conspiracy theory can be. In Germany, QAnon is gaining momentum — and its most ardent followers are sticking with Donald Trump. DW investigates.
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In Germany, vaccinations have always been political
Germans have a long track record of vaccine skepticism. From mandatory smallpox inoculations 150 years ago to voluntary COVID-19 jabs today: Immunization is political.
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