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Transparency International: Corruption watchdog says Germany has work to do
Transparency International's latest Corruption Perceptions Index has both good and bad news in the struggle against public sector corruption. Germany hasn't budged on the list.
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COVID: Germany's leaders chart path through omicron storm
Federal and state leaders met to discuss how Germany will weather the latest COVID surge. The latest plans include prioritizing PCR tests amid shortages, scaling back contact tracing and a new vaccine ad campaign.
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Germany: Fatal shooting at Heidelberg University
Police in the southern German city are investigating after several people were injured and one killed when a single shooter opened fire inside a lecture hall before taking his own life.
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COVID protests in Germany: Orchestrated anger
Protesters against pandemic restrictions have changed their strategy, seeking to bypass regulations by marching in small groups. But these protests often turn violent, as DW reporter Hans Pfeifer saw in Saxony.
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Germany's election year 2022 — What's in store for German politics?
There are four state elections set for this year for the German parties to fight. While the high-flying Social Democrats want to consolidate their power, the conservative Christian Democrats need to win back voters.
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What is freedom for Germany's Free Democrats?
The German Free Democratic Party (FDP) likes to claim it is the party that protects the freedom of the individual. But now that it is in government, the pro-business, neoliberal FDP is proving to be pragmatic.
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LGBTQ+ rights: Germany appoints first 'commissioner for queer affairs'
For the first time in the country's history, Germany has appointed a commissioner for the acceptance of sexual and gender diversity. Green Party lawmaker Sven Lehmann will oversee a LGBTQ+ national action plan.
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Germany's coal phaseout: The last farmer standing
Lützerath, in western Germany, is set to disappear for the sake of brown coal mining. All 90 residents have been relocated. Only one, Eckardt Heukamp, vows to stay.
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