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WWII bomb discovered and defused in Mannheim
Around 3,000 people had to leave their homes after construction workers came across a 500kg bomb. Bomb disposal experts and about 150 police officers aided in the operation.
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Germany: Police raid suspected jewelry thieves
The suspects are accused of staging a series of violent robberies dressed up as police officers. Authorities say they amassed stolen jewelry and other valuables worth more than €1 million.
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COVID and ethics: Germany debates 'freedoms' for the vaccinated
Ethical questions on how to treat individuals presumed immune to COVID have accompanied the pandemic from early on. Now, as Germans urgently want to resume their normal lives the debate has intensified.
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How young German politicians support their top candidates
The CDU's Armin Laschet, the Greens' Annalena Baerbock and the Social Democrats' Olaf Scholz want to move into the German chancellery after the vote on September 26. Are the party youth routing for them?
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Germany to offer refuge to Afghans who helped military
As Germany prepares to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, the country's defense minister says Berlin has "a deep obligation" to protect those who might now be in danger.
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German infrastructure begging for overhaul
Germany has long put up with crowded highways, inconsistent rail travel and slow or nonexistent internet. With elections approaching and a pandemic raging, the problems may have become too big to ignore.
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Germany mourns 80,000 COVID dead in national service
At a memorial event in Berlin, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier told relatives of coronavirus victims that they are not alone in their suffering.
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Berlin rent cap overturned by Germany's top court
Germany's constitutional court has decided that the Berlin rent cap violates Germany's constitution. The cap was one of the most-debated laws in the country.
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