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Germany drafts Romanian farm labor for coronavirus pandemic
Romania is allowing citizens to leave for seasonal harvesting work despite restrictions on travel during the coronavirus pandemic. That is good news for German farmers, but what does it mean for the workers themselves?
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Germany: Fire at Berlin's Humboldt Forum leaves one injured
A fire at the construction site of a cultural and exhibition centre in Berlin has left one person injured. Two cauldrons of tar reportedly exploded.
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German courts tell Easter churchgoers, not this year
Two courts have dismissed bids by churchgoers to overturn bans on gatherings during the pandemic — including for Easter services. Catholic and Protestant leaders are urging congregants to stay "responsibly" in isolation.
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Germany’s coronavirus response: Separating fact from fiction
Germany’s low COVID-19 mortality rate has been marveled at by the foreign press. As with any news story constantly in flux, many things get lost in translation.
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Coronavirus: German passenger rail demand plummets, but freight services key
Empty trains are a common sight in Germany just now, but national rail operator Deutsche Bahn says it will keep its passenger services running. Its freight trains are delivering much-needed products like toilet paper.
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Another AfD politician's car set on fire in Berlin
For the at least the third time since March, a vehicle belonging to a member of the far-right German political party appears to have been torched on purpose. The AfD says it is the victim of far-left "violence."
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Report: Racist asylum-seeker hostel attackers seldom convicted
Only 8% of racist attacks on asylum-seeker hostels in Germany from 2015 to 2018 resulted in convictions, according to a new TV documentary. The filmmakers accuse authorities of lax pursuit of "cocky" far-right suspects.
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Coronavirus: In Germany, medical students step up to fight COVID-19
Thousands of medical students across Germany have volunteered their services to support the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Hospitals appreciate the extra helping hands.
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