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Scholz: Germans must 'stick together' over cost of living crisis
In a video podcast, Chancellor Olaf Scholz admitted that rising prices were a major cause of concern. Ministers, trade unions, the Bundesbank and academics will convene next week as calls mount for generous pay hikes.
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How Germany and the EU combat child abuse
The perpetrators are babysitters, neighbors, teachers, or fathers. International leaders have pledged to put an end to sexual abuse of children — a global phenomenon with Europe as a hotspot.
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Germany: Consumers urged to save gas amid fears of Russian cut-off
Russia could be planning to stop gas deliveries to Germany, and consumers must be prepared, a top energy official says. That preparation should start now, he warned.
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Ukraine war: Germans fear the end of prosperity
The war in Ukraine and inflation have Germans concerned about their standard of living. Those who have the least are likely to suffer the most.
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Ukraine's envoy to Germany irks Israeli, Polish governments with WWII comments
The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry distanced itself from Ambassador Andriy Melnyk's statement to a German journalist. Melnyk said that nationalist Stepan Bandera was "not a mass murderer."
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Schloss Elmau: G7, 9 restaurants, no air conditioning
This week, the G7 summit in Germany will be held in the same hotel for the second time: Schloss Elmau. But why there? Perhaps it's because the hotel has some special features.
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The China shock: Germany turns away from its biggest trading partner
China persecutes the Uyghurs and backs Russia's war in Ukraine. That's prompting Berlin to rethink its relations with Beijing. But this "systemic rival" is also Germany's biggest trading partner.
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Angela Merkel opens up on Ukraine, Putin and her legacy
In her first interview since leaving office, the former German chancellor has defended her policy toward Russia and said she doesn't blame herself for the current situation in Ukraine.
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