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Destroying the world's natural heritage: 'Komodo is reaching a tipping point' (Wed, 18 Apr 2018)
The Indonesian national park boasts some of the world’s best dive sites and spectacular marine life, but illegal fishing and unsustainable tourism is threatening its Unesco status It was the unusual thrashing on the water that caught their attention. As those onboard the dive boat in Indonesia’s Komodo national park drew closer, it became clear it was a green turtle entangled in rubbish and thick fishing net. The divers managed to lift it out of the water, cut the blue bind from its shell and then set the turtle free, but dive operator Ed Statham says it is just one of the increasing and alarming signs the Unesco heritage site is fast being destroyed. Continue reading...
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On the streets with the desperate refugees who dream of being detained (Sun, 15 Apr 2018)
Out of money and out of options, the families camped outside Indonesia’s Kalideres detention centre are feeling the pressure It has been 58 days. That’s how long Farid Attaie has been sleeping on the footpath outside an immigration detention centre in Kalideres, West Jakarta, with his parents, five siblings, and another Hazara family of three. Related: The heartbreaking life of Somali refugee women in Indonesia – in pictures My son is sick, he is hot and cold and now the rash. But I finished my money – everything – so I have to come here Related: Child refugees held in 'harrowing' conditions across south-east Asia Continue reading...
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Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts review – Leone meets Tarantino in Indonesia (Fri, 13 Apr 2018)
Machetes, poisonous berries and headless ghosts litter the sunbaked plains of Sumba in Mouly Surya’s revenge drama This macabre and deadpan film from the Indonesian director Mouly Surya has been described as a “satay western”. It’s a violent rape-revenge tale that takes place in the sunbaked and sweeping plains of Sumba in eastern Indonesia, which Surya endows with the same stark quality that Sergio Leone gave Spain’s Tabernas Desert. Marlina (Marsha Timothy) is a widow; seven men from the local village arrive at her house intent on stealing her livestock and raping her. But Marlina has her fierce payback with poisonous berries and a machete that she has perhaps been keeping for just this eventuality. Her escape brings her into contact with the pregnant Novi (Dea Panendra) and these two women’s destinies entwine. Continue reading...
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